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Investing in small-cap stocks doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you steadfastly follow a few straightforward principles. Unfortunately, there are many opposing forces that get in the way of putting these rules into effect in your personal portfolio

Published by ICLUBcentral, a maker of commonsense software and tools for individual investors and investment clubs with roots that go back to 1989, the SmallCap Informer (SCI) newsletter is a trusted source of unbiased insights and analysis for long-term oriented investors. Published monthly, the SCI presents profiles of high-quality small-cap stocks with superior track records — the kinds of companies that provide the best opportunities for investors to meet (or even beat) the overall market over the long term. Both beginning and experienced investors can benefit from the small companies analyzed in each issue.

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Every issue of the SmallCap Informer also includes educational articles on topics for beginning investors and on retirement planning. 

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