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  • "We'll find great small-cap stocks for your portfolio -- guaranteed!"
  • "We'll find great small-cap stocks for your portfolio -- guaranteed!"
  • "We'll find great small-cap stocks for your portfolio -- guaranteed!"

Focus on Education

Each issue includes helpful articles on small-cap stock analysis and portfolio management, along with our analysts' take on current market conditions.


Time-Tested Methodology

Our analysts use tools and techniques recognized for their ability to pinpoint stocks likely to outperform the market in both bull and bear markets.


Undiscovered Small-Cap Stocks

The SCI highlights small-cap stocks often overlooked by Wall Street -- companies with excellent growth potential and high quality.

Detailed Company Profiles

Each issue analyzes two small-cap stocks in detail, along with editorial comments and educational features.

Available in Print and Online Editions

Print and digital subscribers can access issues online the moment they're published. Also, search back issues in the SCI archives.


Monthly Updates on Past Stocks

Receive updates on previous featured stocks, with e-mail alerts of breaking company news and sell recommendations (when necessary).

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