Discovering Superior Small-Cap Stocks


In Each Issue of the SmallCap Informer
Each monthly issue of the SmallCap Informer is packed with information aimed at helping you make smarter investing decisions about the small-cap stocks in your portfolio. From helping you learn about making better decisions about small company stocks to presenting new ideas for your portfolio, SCI will educate and inform you each month.

Editor's Comments
Our Editor-in-Chief will provide you with specific insight each month into the nature and conditions of the overall market, with special attention to how the economy may impact small company stocks. Written in plain English, you'll gain knowledge with each issue.

Stock Data Table
Each month, we provide updates on our analysts' expectations for the stocks that we cover, with revised buy prices and growth rates when required.

Sale of Stocks
When situations warrant, stocks will be recommended for sale and noted in this section, along with a brief explanation of our thinking. Companies recommended for sale are discontinued from the newsletter, and are no longer covered by SCI analysts.

News of Companies
The News of Companies section will report relevant information on a stock's fundamental performance, including updates on reported earnings and important business announcements that can impact future prospects.

Small-Caps in Focus
The two stocks recommended each month are selected and analyzed using the Stock Study form created in the Toolkit 6 software program (available from ICLUBcentral at Each stock write-up includes an overview of the company's business, and analyses of the growth prospects, key quality metrics, and valuation assessment. It's important that subscribers review each selection for suitability given their own portfolio goals, risk tolerance, and other personal considerations.

E-mailed Alerts
The SmallCap Informer may occasionally send brief updates by e-mail whenever warranted when breaking news about one of the companies that we follow becomes known. The information in these alerts will be found on the website and included in the next issue of the newsletter.

Educational Feature Articles
Beyond providing ideas for your portfolio, we also regularly include educational articles on topics related to small-cap stock investing. Our aim is to help subscribers to gain wisdom and experience throughout the bull and bear cycles of the stock market.